Matching Cameras

Four cameras, four ways to register colors in fluorescent light. To the left, Adobe standard profile.
To the right, QPcard custom profile. Again: four cameras, but this time showing the same colors (more or less).

We used four different high quality digital cameras for this test. A Nikon D90, a Nikon D3x, a Sony A850 and a Canon 5D Mk 2.

First we took pictures of QPcard 202 with all the cameras. The card was illuminated with fluorescent light. Below you will find seven sets of colors, representing all 35 color patches on QPcard 202, five colors in each group. The left block of colors represent the colors developed in Adobe Camera Raw using Adobe standard profile. The right block represent the same colors, but this time developed with a custom QPcard profile for each camera.The cameras were used in the same order as they are listed above.

The whole card with all 35 color patches

Whole card

To the left: Adobe standard profile.   To the right: QPcard custom profile