QPcalibration v1

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QPcalibration is a freeware application for camera profiling with our QP202 and QP203 color reference cards. It's available for OSX 10.5 and later, and Windows Vista or later

Free download: The latest version is available for direct download at the bottom of the page if you're a registered customer. You can download a raw file sample to test the application.

OSX Lion and later systems may warn about an "unidentified developer" during install. If you want the upgrade now, you'll have to disable the warning in your before installing - remember to set it back to your previous setting after install.

Current version is v1.99c
This update:
New cameras added, extended free trial period

Raw Converter Compatibility: This application generates profiles for Adobe Photoshop ACR and Adobe Lightroom. Icc profiles usable in linear edit raw converters can also be generated with the ICC plugin. ICC compatibility does not yet include Hasselblad Phocus or Capture One, but the necessary adjustments are currently being reviewed for release.

Extra Features: The application has a number of extra features. You are free to use the features Inspect, Adjust and ICC profiling.

VimeoIconA short video tutorial showing the workflow and use of the application 
HTMLIconInstructions on how to use the application and generate custom camera profiles in less than 10 seconds 
RawIconRaw sample page Download a sample raw file for use if you want to try the application
infoFileQPcard203 values and a reference Adobe RGB tiff image. Values are in a CSV format text table
PDFfileThe product brochure in downloadable pdf format. Contains information about QP203 and QPcalibration
jpgFileA-B comparisons of the profiling results: Some samples with mouse-over effect comparing the result of a QPcard profile with standard profiles
jpgFileComposite image comparison: Three different cameras in two different light types capture the same targets


Download: To enable the download you have to be registered as a customer, if you're not logged in you'll be taken to the login page.

To download and install QPcalibration v1.99c, choose operating system below:


QPcalibration v1

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